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Recent Transactions

Using the concept of leverage, we are assisting investor clients get significant returns, with no maintenance costs or management responsibilities.  Then we “rinse and repeat”, without tax consequences on the profits for the investor. 

My favorite approach is the lease-to-own with a twist.  Take a look at the four key points our system provides:

1.  Cash Flow- My clients enjoy positive monthly cash flow and never have to worry about repair and maintenance issues cutting into their profits as the tenant buyer is responsible for these expenses.  With my unique approach, my clients know their monthly profit up front before they invest.  

2.  Appreciation- With my approach, appreciation is built into the deal up front.  Indianapolis is currently experiencing an average of more than 5% annual appreciation rate.  For conservatism and to mitigate appraisal issues, we use a 5% appreciation factor on the total value of the property; not just the amount of their out-of-pocket investment.  This is powerful as my investors invest 15% and the bank invests 85% of the purchase price.  However, my clients get paid on 100% of the value of the property.  

3.  Loan Pay-Down- Each month, my clients enjoy their mortgage payment being paid by the tenant buyer's rent payment.  Every month, the amount of their loan decreases by the principal amount of the payment.  

4.  Tax Benefits-  Our tax system does reward investors.  And we have taken our knowledge of that system and created an approach that tax defers your profits and allows you to continue investing in an unlimited number of homes without additional out-of-pocket funds.  This is the true definition of "wealth creation".  Our clients ultimately create wealth without using their own funds.  Powerful! 

I orchestrate the deals from start to finish.  My clients enjoy being hands-free with their investments; from finding and vetting a tenant buyer, managing the property during the lease term, collecting rents, overseeing the buyer get their mortgage ultimately and closing, and orchestrating the tax strategies to tax shelter profits. 


One of our recent wealth creation deals was for a young lady who is a daughter of one of our home purchase clients.  She is a first-time homebuyer, and the mortgage review indicated she needed 9-12 months to be ready for a mortgage.  Our Lease/Option program was ideal for her.  We searched homes with her and purchased one at $210,000.  The investor in this deal will invest $32,385, but receive $5,648 at closing for a net investment of $26,737, and a 12-month Return on Invested funds of $7427, which equals 28%, in addition to returning the original investment.


Another recent deal had the tenant/buyer obtain their own mortgage after a 12-month option term.  A year ago, we helped the tenant/buyer select a newly constructed Lennar home in the Geist area. The tenant/buyer had recently transferred from Florida and accepted a new employment position and needed at least 12 months before obtaining his mortgage.  Our Lease/Option program was perfect because we helped them search all homes available that met his family’s search criteria, including new construction.  The $348,000 new home was selected, purchased, placed under a 12-month lease/option arrangement, and the tenant/buyer recently obtained his own mortgage and closed on the purchase.  The investor realized a 34% ROI on invested funds for the 12-month investment, in addition to returning the original investment.

These are just a few examples of the buyer and investor clients we have served.  Buyers enjoy moving into a home that they will own within the arrangement term, and investors earn a strong return.  It’s a win-win.  We use tax strategies to defer taxes on the investor proceeds, and roll them into additional real estate with similar transactions.  This approach keeps investor assets in motion to maximize returns, with no renovations, repairs or maintenance costs, in contrast to buy and hold strategies or capital-intensive fix and flips.

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